Dec 14, 2011

Have you ever been...

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"Have You Ever Been" is based on the melody of "Have You Ever Been (to Electric Lady Land)".
It is an homage to Jimi Hendrix, premiered on his 69th birthday on November 27 2011.
On the basis of auxiliary sounds from Jimi Hendrix' recordings (mainly noise and hums) and the notes of the melody of "Have you ever been (to Electric Lady Land)" the cello explores the regions between noise and feedback.
This solo piece for prepared cello and electronics is dedicated to my friend and older brother Christof Hartmann.
This piece contains samples from the following Jimi Hendrix recordings:
Red House
Have You Ever Been (to Electric Lady Land)
Purple Haze
Are You Experienced
Can You See Me
Stone Free
Voodoo Child
Rainy Day, Dream Away
This is a live recording of the premier in Reiffenhausen, Germany on November 27 2011