Nov 1, 2010

Buddha nature

What a bad experience this could have been for me.

How bad my mood could have turned.

But my mood is good and I am relaxed in spite of the very stressful events which took place around my travel to Texas this morning.

I arrived at check in on time after I had phoned KLM twice about the size of my luggage, since I was traveling with my cello and a huge case of equipment. All was supposed to be OK and well. The lady at the check-in counter had problems with the weight of the case. She said that KLM will not carry any luggage above 32kgs in weight. This was totally wrong information. Also, overweight luggage would have cost only €100.- for the case.

I went to the ticket counter, where I was told that it would cost me €755.- to take my luggage to Houston - and the same for the flight back.

(Interestingly this is a Delta flight operated by KLM - Delta allows instruments up to 45kgs in weight)

After a lot of talk with two ladies at the counter, this is the compromise I found so that at least the concert can take place:

I left my equipment and my two electric instruments in storage at Tegel Airport, took only the necessary electronics and preparations for my acoustic instrument into my carry-on and paid €300.- for the cello to be taken as luggage.

This all took place in the time from 5:50am until 6:50am.

I then had to check in again, bring my cello to the bulky luggage counter myself (€300.- doesn't buy you what it used to) and make it through security.

It was similar to an experience I had a few years back in Paris, but this time I was the very last person on the plane - sweaty, of course, out of breath and stressed.

When I sat down I realized, though, that I had found a good solution. Paying almost € 800.- was out of the question, not catching the plane would've probably meant to cancel the concert.
This was a workable solution which I came up with because I was able to remain calm and organized.

So, my day will stay productive and positive....